WGT - Wave Gothic Treffen
Flights to Wave Gothic Treffen - WGT
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Monday, 04 October 2010 05:03

Flights to Wave Gothic Treffen - WGT

When to get your flight

This is one of the hardest things to decide, there is a trade off between Price, Worry & getting a Good Flight Time - which if you work can be a major issue.

The best advice is to keep an eye on the travel websites.

My general formula is this :-

  • To estimate what the price will be this year I look about 4-5 week out from today on Expedia.
  • Pick the same days of the week that you want to go, leaving on Wednesday & coming back Tuesday? try putting in Wed 4 weeks from now & Tue 5 weeks from now.  This will give you a rough idea on the price.
  • What tends to happen is the price "window" moves so the low prices will be "over" the Treffen dates at some point.
  • How much you wait will depend on your level of worry, I'm usually looking for good flight times and willing to pay more for them.


There are 2 airports which serve the Leipzig area.

LEJ - Leipzig-Halle Airport

Major connections to Frankfurt & Munich.  This is the closest airport to Leipzig.

How to get there :- 

  • Train line runs right through the Airport under the check-in end of the terminal. Train takes 14 minutes to get to Leipzig Hbf. & runs every 30 mins. Costs is €3.40. 
  • Taxi takes about the same time and costs about €35 Euro downtown.

Official LEJ Website

AOC - Altenburg Airport

A small airport used by RyanAir a town south of Leipzig

Bus takes about 90 minutes to get to Leipzig and typically meets (the few) flights each day. 

AOC website

Berlin is 2 hours away by train.
Frankfurt is 3.5 hours away by train.
These might be an option if you get an especially cheap flight.

WGT 2011 Bands
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Monday, 04 October 2010 04:47

WGT 2011 Bands

Wave Gothic Treffen - Wave Gotik Treffen


>>> Grand opening concert <<<

on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen featuring artists of the first edition in 1992:

HENKE performs songs of GOETHES ERBEN

and the exclusive and final performance of

(first and only live show since 1999!)

Thursday, 09.06.2011, show starts at 6PM
AGRA-Halle 2

Please note the date while planning your holidays and booking your accommodation.
The camping sites and box offices will be open from thursday forenoon.
WGT-wristbands will also be available accordingly.

The local transport (trams & buses of the LVB) can be used for free with your WGT-ticket or wristband from Friday, 11.06.2011, 09:00 AM.
On thursday the purchase of a ticket of the LVB will be necessary. 

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