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Australians in Leipzig WGT drinks - 2017

What : Drinks & Meetup for Australians and expats living overseas who are going to Wave Gothic Treffen (WGT).

When : Thursday – 17th May June 2018 5:00pm

Where :

Seaside Park Hotel                         Directions: Google Maps
Richard-Wagner-Straße 7                                 Google Earth Satellite
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Just across from the Hauptbahnhof Main Train Station, corner of Nikolaistraße.

We will be in the front Bar / Nikolai Bistro area.

* Previously held at the Novotel, which closed in 2016.


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Why? : Australians are scattered all over the world, it's fun to meet up at this central event.  We swap concert time tables, tips on how to get around the city and generally have a good time.
On the practical side, when you're in an Aussie club it's easy to find someone, typically there is <200 people.  Now try doing it in a sea of 20,000 people in black.  :-)  We lost David for an entire day at M'era Luna.  So it helps to make a specific time & place which isn't one of the concert venues.  

Getting there :
- The Seaside Hotel is straight across from the main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof).  See on Google Maps
- Take the Tram to Willy-Brandt-Platz (where most of the trams go) or simply walk it right in the central part of Leipzig
- If you're at the Tram Stop, turn away from the train station and look a little to the Right.
- Walk across the little park, where you'll see a big line for wristbands. 

Hosted By : Kerrie & Jörg (ex-pats from Melbourne who now live in Leipzig), and Scott (from Sydney) who runs this shambles of a website.  

RSVP : If you can, or just front up.  :-)

Open to anyone.   

After : Usually we catch the tram to the Sadgoth Pre WGT Meeting / Americans in Leipzig dinner at the Bayerischer Bahnhof.

Yearly : Keep a look out for this yearly event, each Thursday before Treffen.

Yee Old hand done map of the area

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To Novotel Staff: Thank you for hosting us through many years and being very relaxed when we couldn't even pronounce the word Beir right. :)

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