Food in Leipzig
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Monday, 11 May 2009 05:09

Food in Leipzig


Bagel Brothers

Nikolaistraße   Map
@ Bruhl

Bagel Brothers (written in English) is right in the center of town on the corner of Bruhl & Nikolaistraße 



Floppy New York style pizza they don't have but there is a place in the Train station with mini-pizzas like the frozen ones you get in the USA for 2.20 Euro.  They're often 'breakfast' which I grab before jumping on a tram to head to one of the big venues.




Große Fleischergasse 21
04109 Leipzig

Over 200 different types of Schnitzel.  English menu available.



At the festival itself there is food at all of the major venues.

Agra - This is the biggest venue at WGT and has the most food options.

Parkbühne - is a beautiful outdoor venue with food out in the park and inside.  Once inside head to the right through a gap where there is additional food and seating is available

Kohlrabizirkus - has been known in the past for lack of food options but in the last years has definitely improved. 


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